Quick couplers and nipples - stainless, vs brass, vs zinc


My hoses all came with brass quick couplers and nipples. One of them froze up - I think it was from SH? Anyway, I switched to stainless quick couplers - I think the nipples are zinc. After just one use I was having problems - difficult to detach, o ring destroyed immediately.

Any thoughts? What do you guys use?

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Darin Cort
Cort Pressure Washing
New Brighton, Minnesota

I just keep the brass until they die than always replace with stainless and only stainless, I always rub a small amount of petroleum jelly in my couplers to keep them lubed up and it works great.

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Wash Rite NZ

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Good call on the stainless… I mean like DuH, this is salt water we are spraying all over the place.

Having said that, it is time to change out my original brass couplers for stainless LoL!

Now shut up and go make some $$

Get American stainless and not the Chinese kind. It’s more money but lasts a lot longer.