Questions on Stucco Church

Yesterday I was working on this church, thought it was gonna be an easy job (thought is the key word) but of course it’s never that easy! I used a strong house wash mix on it and it didn’t even touch it. I had some aluminum brightner in the truck so I tried a small spot and it took off all the stain except a small shadow, but had to brush like crazy. They want me to clean all the white portions of the church and get the running streaks from the roof. I’m hoping you guys have a better answer for me, because I definately can’t brush the whole church! Thanks for your comments.

i had a stucco job last year that was pretty similar, in the case where nothing i tried worked.

after 3 hours of trying everything i could think of and wasting an hour of thads time on the phone/voxer, i mixed one last batch of strong house wash mix+ some snot, and told the guy id be back tomorrow(had a window job down the block from flyering anyways)

well i came back the next day and it was 90% gone. faint shadow, but the b/a speaks for itself. chems work wayyy harder then i ever could

You are contracted to wash the entire wall and lighten the streaks, right?

You are not attempting to remove the streaks but not wash the wall, right?

They are asking me to clean the white portions on the building and the areas where it has run off from the roof.

Here are some EIFS pics. I treat it as a roof stain, meaning that it gets hit full strength. Unlike roofs, we do rinse the heck out of EIFS.

I would not dream of trying to spot clean such a wall.

What was your name again?

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i’ve done a similar job on a church…2 things

  1. You will use a lot of bleach

  2. You cannot spot treat dryvit or EIFS at all pretty much. Every time i’ve tried you get a really clean spot then the rest looks dirty.

Try brushing on a strong mix on the bad areas.

Ok guys, thanks for the info. I’ll give these ideas a try. And as soon as I figure out how to pm you Thad I will, thanks.:confused:

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