Questions from a guy just getting started

Hey fellas,
I’m a full time government contractor, so this pressure washing venture is a part time gig for me. It’s been a learning experience so far, been at it since August of 2017. My unit is a Hot Water Easy Kleen 4gpm 4,000psi. It’s tackled all my jobs pretty well so far. I’ve done several small businesses and residential homes. I bought a MI-T-M surface cleaner and turbo nozzle for business jobs and a x-jet and j- Rod nozzle for resudential jobs. It seems the going thought process on residential is cold water at at least 5.5gpm?? My plan is business and residential jobs. Was the unit I purchased a good or bad idea??

My question point blank is.

Having a hot water unit should I just stick with commercial jobs? Or is a hot water unit designed for residential as well?

Leave the burner turned off on residential and you have the best of both worlds until you a afford more gpm. There will always be “that” guy that says warm water cleans better as they leave brown streaks in homeowners yards and burn diesel for no reason. You don’t needed it for siding


Appreciate the advice. What is the best tips/nozzles to get the peaks and eaves of 2 and 3 story houses?

for me, 0050. that’s for 8 gpm. For you, buy some 0030 and 0050 and experiment

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I’ll have to ask you to educate me on 0030 and 0050 if you can? I have the nozzles my machine came with. A surface cleaner and turbo nozzle, and the X-Jet and the 4 piece j-Rod nozzle. I was told to get a ball-valve or ladder saver tip by a buddy?


You don’t need a ladder saver tip. At most it will get you an extra 3ft if any. 0030 tip is a zero degree 30 orifice. If you got a jrod setup from pressure tek, it would have come with a 2510, 0010,2540,0040 I believe for a 4gpm machine. I would not use the 2 smaller tips for siding.

Thanks for all the help
This is the one. I’m hoping this is sufficient for all soap/detergent applications and rinsing off in the high up places on most jobs. Y’alls thoughts??

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Try them. Tips are only a couple bucks each. try from 0030 to 0050.

I can reach peak of 3 stories no problem with Jrod. If its windy I stand on my 8’ a-frame ladder and usually solves the problem.

Thanks for all the info fellas. I’m learning as I go and it’s been fun so far. I’m thinking the 4gpm 4,000psi unit I have should get me going. Like @Innocentbystander said. Use your hot water on commercial/business jobs. And turn your burner off on residential jobs. This community has great info. Look forward to getting to know y’all and your expertise.


With a 4gpm pump, you should pull soap with all 4 of those tips.