Questions about 12v set-ups

Hey guys, I am planning on building a soft-wash system and had a few questions. I’ve been researching them a lot on youtube, this forum, and elsewhere, but I find myself getting overwhelmed with information and wanted to ask a few straight-forward questions and get straight-forward answers from people with experience.

My 8 gpm machine rocks for rinsing, but I find I often have to do multiple passes when down-streaming compared to, say, my old 4 gpm, which put out a strong enough mix that 1 pass was almost always good enough. I am building a 12v therefore as my go-to soaping machine, for roofs, stucco, and whatever else I want to wash, and for the general utility of being able to meter out SH and water at whatever % I please. I plan on using it to bleach houses and then using the 8 gpm to rinse.

A few of the concerns I have:
-Here in my somewhat rural area, we’ve got some taller homes in the middle of high-wind fields. Will the 7 gpm delavan 12v pump I plan on buying still be useful in windy conditions? Will it reach high peaks reliably?
-I have seen mixed opinions on going with the 7 gpm vs the 5.5 gpm. I figured I would go with the 7 gpm for the increased PSI, which I assume will help me reach heights easier. Would the 5.5 have as much reach?
-I have heard that the 7 gpm’s increased electrical draw has higher risk of electrical failures. What kind of failures are we talking about?

Thanks for any input!

Racer just did a video last week of different nozzles he uses - it shows them shooting horizontally, not vertically though. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:


I was watching the video when you posted. Lol. Thanks

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I’m trying to find filter strainers for the suction lines of the softwash system and I can’t find any. I keep hearing about SH resistant ones. Anyone know where I can buy some of those?

I would build the 12v but don’t use it as your primary soaping machine. Yank it out for the tough spots, roofs and stucco. Set your 4 gpm up so you can turn the 8 gpm off switch over to the 4 and use the 4, without reeling out another hose, for the rest of the house when the 8 isn’t cutting it. This is what I do. I try to stick with the 8 as much as possible. I’ll DS straight SH before I switch to my 5 gpm. I have a 12v for concrete and other odds and ends. I don’t do roofs.


I seen some filters on eBay, look under SoftWash filter or buffer tank filter.

Thanks for the input. Why shouldn’t I use the 12v as the soap machine?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t but I personally recommend a power washer because it’s faster, puts out more volume, you can switch to higher pressure when needed, switch to water when needed and in my opinion easier. You can can also rin your surface cleaner on the same hose. I guess others may find the 12v easier.