Question - Surface Cleaner

I just purchased a 15" Karcher that says “GPM: 2.7 MAX”

I have a 2.8 GPM pressure washer - Is this going to damage the surface cleaner? Or does “MAX” mean that is the maximum GPM the surface cleaner outputs?

You’ll be fine. That machine and surface cleaner will quit on you in no time if you plan to do this seriously. Ride it until it dies and then get you some equipment that is actually worth having and go make money.

Also, welcome to the forum. You have a lot of research to do. The search bar is your friend. Read, read, read and then read some more and ask questions when you’re stumped. If you haven’t researched it before you ask then you’re going to get the same response from most folks here and it will be “Use the search bar”.


I appreciate that! Also thanks for the quick response.

No worries.

My money says it blows up! Only kidding


That 0.1 gpm difference! :joy:

The straw that broke the camel’s back

It’s not going to last long but not because of that .1 gpm