Question on surfactants etc

Just getting into washing res and com properties, been washing agri buildings (predominantly confinements). In confinements most companies just use a 8gpm+ @ 3500 PSI no soap etc but disenfect afterwards as its a requirement by most producers. We use ALS diluted to 2.5% as a pre-soak (it helps break up the manure and biofilm on the concrete)as it decreases wash time by atleast 20%. Does anyone know what the industry standard surfactant that is used in the ready mixed stuff? I am assuming its anionic? I haven’t checked but ALS or shouldn’t be reactive with SH.
Reason I am wondering is I bulk order the ALS in 55 gal drums (30% diluted to 2%). Which we get about 800gal of mixture. (Roughly 82 cents a gallon). If most surfactants in the industry are anionics with a scent(als by itself can put off a ammonia smell) and a detergent. I am thinking I could probably bulk order a detergent to mix in or even try it with just the SH & ALS.(probably would have to use a higher dilution such as 5% or so. (Reason we don’t use higher % inside of the confinements is it is a really bad skin irritant if it stays on the skin and its probably not something that should be inhaled especially in a environment already high in ammonia etc from manure)

Right now I am going to be using the elemonator, SH (I can order the SH from same company that I get the ALS from-$240 for 55 gal with shipping)and probably cling on or another cling on type that everyone uses/talks about on here.