Question on stain on siding after cleaning

My employee cleaned a house and and they had a wet looking dirty stain or streaking all over the vinyl siding. It appears to be dried dirty water or I hope it is. I’ve done this house 3 years in a row with ni problems. First time I had my employee do it. Anyone ever delt with this or an idea of what is causing this? This is 2 days later and it more pronounce in the morning. He used SH, water and Elemonator

Looks like you need to rewash that side to verify it was done correctly. looks dirty as you suggested.

The siding is a little oxidized. Would that contribute to the streaking. We only do a soft wash and rinse with a jrod. My machine is a 5.6 gpm. There are no signs of striping from pressure just the wet looking spots.

Have you tired rubbing a small spot with a rag or sponge? just to see if it comes off? I never have had the problem before…yet anyway.

Yes and it comes off. I just don’t want to take oxidation off in some spots and not others. I want to know what made it happen so I can prevent it from happening again.

I went back and used a small amount of Elemonator and water down streamed then rinsed. It helped a little but I could still see the stains. So I used 1/3 SH, 2/3 water and Elemonator, did the whole house, rinsed like hell and left. I checked it this morning and it’s all clean. My only thought is that it was 90 degrees and sunny and my guy let it dry on the house. So when he rinsed it didn’t move the dirt running down the siding.

Hey Bill,how long did you let your mix dwell 2nd time around.I had one just like it today,tan siding,sunny and windy,a little oxidation,and some of it dried before rinsed from the wind and sun.I think the wind definitely played a part.Never had issues like this before.Thanks in advance.

No longer than 3 - 5 mins. I think you just enough to losen it up. I would bet a warm water rinse would do the same thing but I don’t have a hot water machine.

Yeah,me either.I told the customer I would be back in the morning to do a test area on the wall,but that I won’t be able to rewash the whole thing yet because of the same problem,15-20 mph winds again tomorrow…Thanks for the quick reply Bill, I appreciate it.

I’ll be surprised if he can remember after two years; however, doesn’t need much dwell time. DS one whole side and by the time you’re at the end, go back and start rinsing…thoroughly!!!

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