Question on cleaning patio pavers

I will be quoting a very large section of pavers as shown. I am wondering if my surface cleaner will blow out the sand in the cracks or not. I may include a price to resand it once done if its needed but was not sure if a SC would remove sand in the cracks or not. I learned a lot and have a plan to clean (2%, then SC, then 4%) and look forward to doing this patio.


Use a turbo to get the old sand out and re install new sand. When you use the surface cleaner you get some sand out but not all. You have to remove all the sand to reinstall new sand. Quote for cleaning and installing new sand.

I haven’t been able to reliably remove moss with just my sc. I’ve been doing some mossy driveways so I’ve been quoting resanding and using a turbo.

Pictures are before sand, interested to hear what others have to say


Nice work

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