Question. Google Places Locations

I have noticed that having the google places location is like the strongest SEO you can get. My site is popping up in those local search results easily. So I’ve decided to spread them in a circle around the entire Birmingham Metro area. As if I have 6 locations, am i gonna run into any unforeseen consequences from doing this? It seems to good to be true.

Google does not exist to serve you. Google exists to please their customers.

You are trying to punk Google.

Good luck with that. They will find you. Then they will bury you.

And then you will play heck being recognized by them in the future.

Think your response was emotionally charged enough?

Calm down…all your statements were political, I deal more in science…perhaps someone else knows specific details about this. Or knows of someone who did it.

Maybe I’ll just do three. I know TONS of moving companies that do 3 and their business has only gained from it, sooo…

Some days I don’t know why I even try.

But you won’t chase me off that easily.

I apologize for not giving you the (incorrect) feedback and affirmation that you seek.

Are we starting to sound a little bit like Facebook now. If you don’t make me feel good or validate me then I am going to unfriend you. :slight_smile:

It is not about science, Google actively looks for abusers of their kingdom, and when they find them they will banish you from the kingdom never to be seen again. That is not political, that is fact.

the reason they do different locations isnt even for SEO, its because customers know their time starts when the truck leaves the lot. So the closest moving company is a little cheaper, assuming all else is equal.

I totally believe you that there’s a limit

I just want to know what the limit is and how google “finds me” and what makes it decide to “bury me”

I think if it is a legitimate place with other links verifying it as legitimate you may be ok. The real place to ask this question and get a real answer is not is a pressure washing forum but a google places. I would wants facts before risking doing that and not a bunch of peoples opinions on what they think. The risk outweighs the rewards without a concrete answer which you most lilely will not find here.

You can’t expect a person to just believe broad statements like that, If people can do 3 why can’t they do 6? Whats the limit

but congratulations, you scared me out of doing 6.

I tried finding an answer in a search engine. But ya I was gonna look into heavily before I did that many. I’ve got three in the works though, I hope I don’t get buried for it.

Funny story. I accidentally registered a complaint against the one location I have atm. And got a call from google for it, that makes me nervous, cuz when the other 2 pop up and I already have had a complaint. Might look bad

Another thing that makes me nervous is ****ing off random people in forums and them ruining my life with bad reviews or location complaints. I think im gonna stop posting in forums

I’ll say anything, it’s gonna be difficult for me to own my own business.

You can’t blame a forum for bad business decisions. You have to weigh the merit of the source of the information. Never rely on one source.

Only you are to blame for bad business decisions.

That’s not to say that there are not people out there (your competition) that may try to mess with your success, but in the end people will see them for who they are and they will be gone and you will still be thriving.

Well I didn’t think 3 was bad idea cuz all the moving companies were doing it. But im worried now

Ya, Im not a bad person. But I need to start talking like yall are talking. I mean Im white trash from the woods, this is difficult for me

I wish I could have been more help. It appears you have it all figured out on your own. Nothing that was said was directed towards you personally, they were general statement that apply to everyone.

If anyone is going to post on a message board you will get all different kinds of answers. You take the ones that are helpful and leave the ones that are not. What works for one person may not work for another, it doesnt mean the answer is wrong.

You apply it to your circumstances and see it it makes sense for you.

Above all, you can not take what you read on here personally.

I got a postcard in the mail to the physical address that I registered with Google places, then I had to enter a PIN to verify it online. This is with both of my businesses, the first time was three years ago and the second was just last year.

I don’t see how you are going to get around that.

Edit… May have been adwords, but I’m almost positive I had to verify.

I’ll add to what everybody else said, don’t try to game Google. I would have no business if it weren’t for them.

@Herospowerwashing FYI. When you set your google places up, make sure to select a service area and do not select that you service customers at your address.

How’s the saying go? “A word to the wise” I think it was.

Oh crap. That’s what I did wrong. If I do that I won’t even need all the locations