Question for the big surface washer guys

I’ve been getting a few large concrete jobs and I’m trying to be as efficient as possible…so my question is how big to go, is there such a thing as to big?
And do the manufacturers lie about their spec. Like the pressure washing sales guys saying a pump puts out 8gpm and it really puts out less…
The whole reason I’m asking is I was just looking at a 60in 3 bar surface washer for 1900 bucks, and it states needs 10 gallons per minute up to 32 gallons per minute to operate are there really a lot of guys that are running 10 gallons per minute up to 32 gallons a minute washing sidewalks???
I’m running a 5 gpm and an 8 gpm… but I want to step up to a large surface washer what’s the largest anyone has actually had good success with at these gpms?

The generally accepted formula is gpm x 4 = surface cleaner size.

In my obviously uneducated opinion you have to look at time saved vs your job. If you are doing sidewalks what time are you really saving using a super wide unit? Now if you are doing a lot of flat wide pads it totally makes sense. At least to me. I am totally open to being corrected.

It really depends on how bad the concrete is. If it’s well maintained as in cleaned a few times per year you can go with a 28-31”

If it’s very dirty, I wouldn’t go over 24”. 24” is ideal with an 8gpm. You can walk at a good pace and clean some pretty dirty stuff. I’d recommend having the 24” for all around jobs and something bigger for maintenance jobs.

You’d be surprised at how much ground can be covered with 24” surface cleaners. We just finished 80k in three days and the 80k+ doesn’t include curbs and sidewalks. 3 guys 3 days. We worked with 20”, 24”, and 28”. The 24” was the all star. It’s best to have a few options.

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No, but parking garages, yes.


But not necessarily true.

Unless you have a lot of 60" walks to do or some fairly large regular maintenance jobs probably not worth it too you. You have to walk very slow with it with an 8. The other thing to remember is it’s kind of a pita to haul it around.


I run a 21" with my 8gpm and it seems to be perfect. Minimal striping and you can move pretty quick. I do think I’m going to get a WW for next season as a backup and hopefully sometime next season get an 8gpm heated machine and try to start getting some recurring commercial work.