Question for Amy about being bonded

Amy, please define for us what bonding is and how it affects our profession. Please also tell us if it is needed and if so, when is it needed?

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Jeremy, great question!

In general definition terms…A bond is posted by an organization or contractor insuring the honesty and integrity of it’s employees.

A bond is totally different than insurance. Insurance protects and pays for damage that occurred from bodily injury and/or property damage. Opposite from insurance, an Employee Dishonesty Bond (aka an “honesty bond”) protects against theft, fraud and dishonest acts by it’s employees. It would be needed when you want protection for this type of exposure and risk.

Lastly an example of pricing: A $10,000 Employee Dishonesty Bond is priced on average at $125.00.

I hope this helps and answers your questions!


Does Joseph D. Walters agency offer such a bond?

We absolutely do! Contact us through here to initiate a quote request or call the office direct on our toll free number below.

How much is recommended for a company in our line of work? We only do exterior and don’t go inside a home typically. Does this cover exterior also?

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Jeremy ~ How much coverage is enough is impossible for anyone to answer. There is no definitive answer. If you had a $10,000 limit without ever having a claim then you may think that was “too much”. It’s impossible to predict what could happen or how much can or will be stolen. A simple way to look at this would be to buy the amount “you” are comfortable with. You can’t insure everything or every potential scenario for a loss to occur, so buy what makes sense for you and what is affordable.

Regarding the exterior question…YES! “Exterior” is covered.

We have had a ton of great feedback so far from members wanting to take advantage of Joseph D. Walters Insurance! I am posting two links to brochures that explain more about their company and what they do. Be sure to call them at their office to talk further with a representative!…-insurance.pdf…insurance2.pdf

It seems like a cheap easy way to give our clients one more reason to feel comfortable with our companies.

We have had a bond for a long time. It does make the customer feel just a little more comfortable when they see that you are bonded and that you are worthy to be bonded. We do primarily window and gutter cleaning but it applies just the same.

Well said Randy!