Question: Foamers and best way to apply chemical

I’m just getting started, don’t have all the right equipment, buying a little bit at a time.

I saw this one company on internet spraying a thick foam on decks. I have an x-jet, but I’m hesitant to use it on decks cuz I feel like I waste a lot of chemical. I’m not so busy that time is a huge factor in my calculations.

What is the best way to apply chemical to decks? I feel like I should be adding a foaming agent but the one guy who was a pro I learned from didn’t use it. He just used dawn and 12%. His machine was more powerful than mine though, and seemed to just turn that cleaning solution into a foam with its power lol, I dunno.

Should I be using some sort of foaming attachment or just a foaming agent? or one of those clinging chemicals? Are clinging chemicals good?

Here’s a thought, maybe I bought an x jet with to big of a hole for the power of my machine. I need to try out down streaming, at first I thought it was stupid cuz it messed up the hoses but I’m realizing it’s probably the best thing to do, hauling the bucket around is inefficient. I wish I had some video of me climbing ladders with the bucket in one hand and gun in the other.

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We use X-jet for deck cleaning with no problem. Your kit should have come with proportion fittings to up, or lower the chemical intake to your liking. Foam has its place, but if it’s windy out it can blow all over the place.

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On the horizontal surfaces, you don’t need foam. Only a small amount of surfactant to make the dirt “wet”, but not so much that rinsing is a nightmare. If you use a product like Dawn or Roof Snot to add cling to the mix for the vertical parts of the deck, it’ll suds up some, but IMHO, foam is for siding, vehicles, and stove hoods.