Question about your EDDM strategies and results

Hi Guys,
We are currently in the process of gathering current 2019 info from our customers (and non customers) about their current EDDM usage, scheduling and estimated ROI. We have seen a lot of success cases lately as well as some people who “hate” EDDM because they got little to no response. From our experience, EDDM success is impacted by MANY different factors. Everything from the design of the piece, to the timing in which they are sent out, to the frequency, to demographic, your location, and so on.

I’d love to hear from you guys / gals that have tried and hated, don’t really care for, or are currently in love with EDDM.

What has been your experience?

Blast an area 10-15 times.

Are you shotgunning (hitting a wide radius) or Sniping (cherry picking routes)?

I have a guy who wouldn’t let up on 2 carrier routes. He hit them over and over and over again until the jobs started coming in. Then his trucks were in that area more and more and it just spread like wildfire from there.

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I shotgun a wide radius 10-15 times. I schedule 2 days out of the month (usually a Friday) for 6 of my guys to hand out flyers for 8 hours. They like it because it’s a change of pace from cleaning, they can wear sweats to work, and listen to music all day. I have 4 different flyers I hand out for seasonal changes with different specials. They clear a pretty large area of the city. Some of the guys started knocking as well now and they receive a 20% cut on any completed sale they quote. A few of my guys are actually asking me now if they can just sell full time (which I am thinking of implementing as one of my fellows lined up $8000 of work in one afternoon).


Pardon my french, but Holy ■■■■. That’s awesome. It sounds like you have a nice oiled marketing machine there.

On the main side of my business, I offer my commission based sales guys 30% of the net profit for any print jobs they bring in, which is a lot. But from my experience, (and also considering I started in sales) if you want to have a successful salesperson, you can’t be stingy. You have to put lots of money in their pocket. The only issue is when they are comfortable with what they are making that they no longer have the drive like they once did, I have had that happen.