Question about surface cleaner and exposed aggregate

I’ve been doing a few driveways and when I’m done it always looks like there more exposed aggregate( in the form of little white rocks) Ive gone so far as to reduce my pressure down to 1500 psi and even lower, and it still seems to happen. Is it cheap concrete? Or what? Is there a way to avoid this? Can you soft wash concrete effectively?

Wow, up for 24 hours 42 views and not a single reply. Went over to PWI and got it all figured out already.

It’s not meant to be a competition Ralph. It seemed like you came on the scene, got a few questions answered, explanations given, developed an understanding, and then ventured off. You’re allowed. Just don’t get your panties wadded up when you decide to drop back in and no one is here waiting to answer the question that you then post on multiple forums.

Are you coming to the Nashville event?

Don’t you just love a double post? I do.