Question about Machine Throttle

Do you guy’s run manual throttles or those self governed throttles?

I just picked up a new hydro tek and I don’t like the fact that it has a self governed throttle, I like being able to warm up my machine on idle for a couple minutes also love to cool down my heater with my machine running water at idle… not a huge fan of my machine going 0-100 while cold either

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Are you aware that you have to be on the trigger to cool that heater?


At the end of the job I open my ball valve and I let the water run out til my heater is cool to the touch, it helps me because I also drain my buffer before the next job… I don’t see how this wouldn’t work at cooling the coil down

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Ya’ll are doing the same thing, just different techniques. Lol. I also agree with the 0 to 100 with a cold motor ,but I have no advice, I have an older honda with a throttle

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Opening the ball valve is the same as being on the trigger…it causes water to be circulated through the coil. As @Hotshot said…it is the same thing, just a different technique.

Same here I have an gx i390 and I’m not a fan of the no warm up period either. Can’t be good but I like how it drops rpm when I’m off the trigger for a bit.
Then I wonder if its getting enough air from the fan?
Better break out the infrared temp gun and check it out .

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Honda is the king of small engines, I don’t believe they would design a system the hurt the engine. These engines are designed to run @ full throttle, I got faith in RED!

My last Honda is black and I hate it. Messes up the whole Fung sway thingy on my truck. Just doesn’t look right

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Exactly. I still think the Fung sway is on point anyway

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I’m partial to those black motors though so I have to agree.

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