Question about home advisor?

Hey guys! So I know most of you don’t like home advisor, but at the same time some of you do. What is it about home advisor that most of you guys dislike? What do you like about it? They’ve been calling me and was considering signing up, but I hear so much that it’s bad.

@JimLuke any opinion here? Am I allowed to comment?

@Dogby92 I absolutely love HomeAdvisor. Here’s a good thread for it. Home Advisor - Marketing - Pressure Washing Resource

In my dealings with them, they have been pushy, rude, dishonest and overpriced.

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So I’m confused about what they mean about the selling your company rights and competing against yourself. What are your experience with that?

Go for it…

Thanks. For a sec I thought you’d say no and I was going to answer anyway.

I have no idea. You’d have to ask one of the folks that said that. I think it’s malarkey, but my ROI from HomeAdvisor is great. As you probably read in the link above I have a long list of things I’m a fan of.