Question about heater temp control on Simpson Big Brute

Just got a Simpson Big Brute 4000psi 4 gpm, hot water. It was supposed to have adjustable temp control, but when the unit for here, no temperature control knob. I emailed Simpson and they said they removed that feature to increase reliability. Why would adjustable temperature be less reliable?

Is there something to this or did they just remove a feature to cut cost?

The traditional thermostats used on heated PW’s are not at all reliable. Once the thermostat goes the burner will not fire at all as it’s needed for control. I did not run any t-stats on any of my machines. Size the nozzle on the gun assembly to provide the heat you need then run it full time. It helps with less soot buildup as well. I did have a few systems that ran big nozzles then I would adjust the temp with time delays. Much more reliable than t-stats but much more to it than the average guy can wire in.

Thanks for the heads up. I was disappointed to lose the feature, but better off if it is going to be a headache. Are you saying going with a larger angle tip will reduce temp?

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No everything about the fuel nozzle stays the same (type of cone and the spray fan degree) other than the orifice (hole) size. Smaller orifice, equals less fuel and less heat produced

Oh, so fuel nozzle in the heater. I was thinking wand nozzle. Simpson told me the heater will increase water temp by 110-130°, so that probably puts it around 160-200 depending on my supply temp. That will likely be fine.

When you need heat you really just want it hot. It’s rare that you’d want to save a bit of fuel and run it “not so hot”. If you are wanting that it will cost you much less reliability. In fleet washing I would need 120° on one account and 160° on another. Then there’s also good reason to run hot soap and warm rinse. Turning the burner off completely going into rinse also helps clear the line of soap faster. Burner control is key here, time is money. For the norm it’s much more sensible to run it without a t-stat running it flat out.

Or just return the POS and get a decent one that has temp switch. I adjust mine all the time and only maybe 2% of the time do I need a 110 deg increase. I’ve got 2 and have never had any trouble with temp control. Wouldn’t even consider having one without.

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I wouldn’t call it a POS. Been using it the last few days and it works great. Removed sun rot vinyl graphics from a big box trailer in less than a half hour. Would have taken days peeling scraping by hand. Removed old concrete paint ten times faster than my little cold water unit.

I don’t think the lack of temp control is a big deal after using it.

Not saying the unit itself is, but it is in the fact that they’re cheaping out. NT been selling a unit like that for years with adjustable temp. Can’t wait to see you melt some vinyl siding off a house at 170deg. Be sure to take pics. Or you hit some glass in winter with same.

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