Question about a fitting

Don’t laugh, it’s what I’m working with.

What can I get from Lowes, etc to weigh down my 3/8" Xjet hose so it stays at the bottom of the bucket? Is there a specific name for it in plumbing?

Or…what fittings can I get locally to make this work?

Slide a 3/4” pice of PVC pipe over it


I considered that. The pipe would have to be what, 3/4" inner diameter?

N/M, I misread your post. Thanks.

1/4 hose fits nicely inside 1/2sch80 pipe. Envirospec sells ceramic weights for pickup tubes


1/2 in bulkhead - $3

24 in sprinkler riser (1/2 in threads) $1.80

90 degree 1/2 in elbow - $1

1/4 in hose barb with 1/2 in threads - $4

$10 and your in business.

Thank you very much! Here’s the result.