QD fittings that won’t corrode in PW work

I got into PW work in 2017 with a new Gen. Speedwash 3200 psi cold water setup. I wish now that I had rinsed all metal fittings after every job and taped them with blue painter’s tape to keep insects out. As QD metal fittings corrode they lose tolerance and leak. I’m curious if there are fittings made of stainless steel or a non-corrosive metal?

Yes, there are stainless steel fittings. They are quite expensive. If you’re only washing a handful of houses a month then you might consider flushing everything at the end of each job for a good 20-30 minutes. Water sitting in hoses, fittings, swivels and manifolds is a big contributor to corrosion.


Well he is like 80 years old so I don’t think he’s hitting the 50+ house wash a month like most full-timers. I’m sure his equipment sits a while between jobs but I don’t know that for sure.


Theoretically, yes.

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FWIW guys I clean my equipment, hoses and tips after every job. Mud daubers are plentiful here so I tape all orifices with painters’ blue masking tape so everything is ready to go for the next job.