PWRA membership @ 199 members & climbing:)

I remember last year Chris L. Saying how well the WCRA was doing and what he saw for the future of the PWRA. If their not there already the PWRA soon will be which is European members as well. Worldwide is the future. Chris talked about this and what he projects the membership can and will be at in a conversation we had.

I also think of Tim Fields posting on another bb that the PWRA is the best professional Powerwashing group around. Tim has a way of telling it straight. Just look at his “Like post” count here.

So jump ahead today less then 2 yrs when the PWRA started. 199 real membership. Thru Thad, Chris L & all the members here and soon to be members who may be on the fence-- this association business model works. We all benefit as the PWRA grows. I’m glad to be a part of something that works for my business and always will be when you find something works that benefits you and your family first.

And darn do I wish we could attend the very first PWRA convention but many of you can. Jump on the opportunities that come your way because in my 18 yrs owning a Powerwashing business you will not get very many excellent opportunities come your way. Believe me. I can coun’t on both hand at most how many times I saw a great opportunity come my way from my industry involvements and this would be one.

Go PWRA and for the ones who go to the convention do let us know what your thoughts were so we can strive to be there in the future.