Pwra member

I want to know if joining this is going to be worth it i know the info is priceless but thats free what do i joined the mounthly i wana join the standerd im just woried becuse a got sccrewed on other web deals i talked to a few members sounds good just wanna lill more info im gonna call jessica when iget off before 6 one day this week

You know Jeremy I forgot to add on the PM, you also get aprox a third back from taxes on the cost of your membership so keep that in mind. Also if you do become a PWRA member take advantage of any and all benny’s they offer but you must do the work to decide what works best for you because if you do nothing then it’s not worth it. Work your membership and it will pay you back many times over.

Best of luck and if you join welcome to the largest Powerwashing association around:cool:

The last I checked there were twenty seven separate discount benefits available. The more your company grows and matures, the more you will benefit from belonging. We also sometimes have some pretty intense discussion in the members only private section.

The forum is set up in such a way that a new guy can stroll by, stop in a while and learn some pretty good stuff. The progressive smart ones recognize the value of membership and sign on.

I am not positive on this but did I just see that pressure tek has a $150.00 gift certificate for joining?

It is not for everyone, but it is a very real value for many.

I have used pwra post cards to generate well over 6 figures of work this year. I have saved a boat load on having those postcards printed. Saved like 20$ a few minutes ago ordering signs from Tim. Saved a few hundred bucks on supplies from Info and friendships gained from the convention and daily social media and forum interaction is priceless. You can not afford not to join if you are serious about your business. And that is not a sales pitch, that is the truth. If you are going to use your membership and APPLY the info and savings then yes it is unmatched.

Jeremy, I look forward to speaking with you this week. I’m happy to answer any and all questions you have. We really offer so many discounts and benefits that can help your business but at the end of the day you are the one with the power to determine if this is a good or bad investment. As long as you take initiative and take advantage of the services that can help you–the free marketing material, At Cost Printing, the dozens of discounts/benefits, etc.–you can’t go wrong.