PWRA member discounts

Going to order a Surface cleaner… tried looking but couldnt find much in terms of amounts.

Would like to order from pressure tek, anyone know the discount offered? Can save a little money and free shipping if went through another site, but he has been helpful to me and like to keep business there if its close.

The discount code is on the receipt they emailed you from your last purchase.

Yes, was wondering about pwra member discount. Saw something mention in post but not much to go on.

Hey! I’ll private message you the promo code you need for PressureTek. :slight_smile:

I’d like the code too. Spent a bit there the last few weeks.


For anyone else interested in the membership you can read a little more about it here: WCRA/PWRA Association

The membership includes many resources such as:
Marketing Material
Discounted Printing Services
Networking such as the Huge Convention


@1badeagle check it out

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@JessicaPWR would it be possible to create a post under the members only forum? Might make life easier on your end. Just a thought.


Thanks buddy. I messaged her!

how can i tell I’m signed in as a member?
I know in the WCRA I get free documents, but I can’t tell the difference here.

Hey! It costs $99 to sign up for the WCRA/PWRA - did you pay that? That’s the easiest way to decipher if you’re a member. :slight_smile: Some people confuse being a member of the forum, which is a free resource, and the memebership which is a paid resource. If you see the downloadable products (postcards, door hangers, forms, etc.) and there is a cost associated with them you either aren’t a member or you aren’t logged in.

I can always look up your name/email in our system and find out. Send me a message and we’ll figure it out.

Hi, yes I’m a paying member, I got the Marketing Blueprint book when I signed up, plus the free downloadable materials from the WCRA.

My questions is are there perks to being a member here that I’m not seeing.

Ah got ya!

Feel free to give me office line a call today - 862-312-2025 - this might be a better phone conversation. There are many perks to being a WCRA/WPRA member including free templates, downloadable material, printing discounts, industry discounts, networking, etc. That just scratches the surface.

If you’re asking if there are perks to being a forum user I would say the most obvious being all of the free information available from the many years this forum has been available to the public. Nothing more then that but then again I think that’s a pretty good perk for a free resource.

I’m not quite sure I answered your question so like I said feel free to call or email me and we can chat more. :slight_smile:


@JessicaPWR can you PM me the pressure tek code for members please

I cant remeber any of the dang codes. I know there’s one for 100 250 and 500 dollars worth of sales but I cant remeber them for the life of me.

Well I found the only codes and none of them work. Must have changed with the website revamp. Anyone know the new ones?

Hey Rick…These are just some basic codes so I’m sure there are some better ones out there.


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Yea those are the ones I tried with no luck. Thankyou though.

I did a mock order before posting those codes and it said it took $25 off my order. I didn’t submit the order so maybe I have to submit the order to see that it didn’t work.

I would just shoot an email to Pressuretek and ask them for some codes. Just let them know you’re a previous customer and part of the PWRA. They’ll hook you up.