Pwra convention trade show 2013

Looks like a great event !!!

The only one I have ever seen that appears to be as good was 2009 ish at the U_MCC Convention with Carlos, Jeff and John T leading the way. Robert Hinderliter, among others, getting an award, I think it was for a life time achievement ( not sure).

Though I knew Robert and John only by phone, I was able to met with Robert and John face to face in Orlando. All of us talk for hours at a time. Great times right there.

These events are a great place to social, learn and network. Helping each other, that’s what its all about !

Wow, that is just awesome.


Thanks to Thad and Chris and Alex for putting the show together. Had a great time. Thanks also to the vendors and speakers. Enjoyed meeting some new people. Looking forward to next year.

Pictures Pictures and more Pictures:D
Show us guys what we missed.

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