PWR Forum Updated

Hello people -

we have just moved the PWR forum to a new setup, in addition to upgrading the forums to apply some bug fixes. Should you experience any problem over the next hours, please let us know in this thread.

In case you have problem logging in due to the IP change, try deleting your cookies and logging in again.

Thank you!


I’m already having problems. You guys really need to stop Fn around with stuff.
An hour ago I had a full head of hair . No I’m friggin bald . I will keep checking over the next few hours to see if my hair comes back.
FYI I’m probably going to need to speak to you manager about this


Dang thing told me to slow down when I went to the search bar said it was getting too many requests. Seriously it did say slow down. Cancel that I tried the search bar again and it’s working.

I keep getting this when I click back to the previous page. Also got it a couple times when pressing the PWRA logo above.

I got all the problems above as well, logged out ,cleared cookies, logged back in. No issues after that so far.

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Your DNS is still probably pointing to the old server IP. It should update itself soon - you can also try logging out, clearing cookies, and logging back in.

@Hotshot, he said “clear the cookies” not “not eat all the cookies you can find!”


Dangitt !! I knew it was to easy ,now I have to put the red cap milk and oreos back in the icebox.

Dude, that is one of my favorites. I have to be very careful not to over indulge… having type 2 sucks :frowning:

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Sorry Coop , But I buy Wally oreos now because I can afford 2 boxes a week . I’ll just eat enough to satisfy both of us now as well to justify my overindulgence lol.

I’ve gotten hooked on the Famous Amos mini chocolate chip cookies. I can easily down half a box in one setting but no Cheerwine to wash it down! :confused:

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Those are some darn good cookies, Almost forgot about them.

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Not necessarily recommending it, but my uncle got his type 2 into full remission eating every other day. He eats low carb, mainly meats and vegetables on monday like regular breakfast lunch dinner, then doesn’t eat again till Wednesday breakfast time. Just follows that schedule, he’s lost weight and his sugar numbers are superb. But definitely something to talk to your doc about before you start.


Thanks @Greenman

I’ve got it under control. I do intermittent fasting, try to eat only one meal a day, lost about 60lbs in 1 1/2 yr.

Some days it’s hard :frowning: folks talking bout Oreos and tall glasses of milk.


There… short glass

What about Tates?

Now if they’d only make a sugar-free double chocolate chip with pecan. I’d be set.

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Never had a tates. But it says Tates is gluten free on the interwebs , don’t know what that means , But it doesn’t sound like lard or crisco to me.

That looks sooo good, would be perfect if it had some ice in that milk. :yum:

Good for you man! That’s some dedication.

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