PW Trailer Accident

Sad. Prayers to the families. I’ts likely texting and driving that the cause. It’s an epidemic. I’m guilty of it myself, but I see it daily while on the road. I’ve been more aware lately and will be limiting it or hopefully stopping it al together.

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Very sad. I’ve stopped texting while driving all together. It’s just not that important text someone back while driving. It can wait


Very sad. Thoughts and prayers to the families.

Texting - phone calls while driving. Cell Phones are relatively new technology. No one is so important that we must answer a phone every single time it rings or text regardless of the situation, surroundings or context that we are in. What did you do before cell phones? I also find unpleasing the dumbing down effect it is having on people. It is completely changing the way people communicate from spelling/grammar to distilling thoughts and ideas down to 280 characters or less. The texting mentality migrates into their daily verbal communications, written communications and is re-wiring their brains to the extent that they can not retain attention on something for more than 10 seconds. Great for a quick quip such as “What time” but to have a full conversation via text - no thanks.

I do not know the circumstances of why they were pulled over, but everyone let this be an example of double checking your set-up (trailer or truck) before driving off. I start in the front right corner or trailer, walk down side touching each item, across the back and then up the left (drivers) side to get to my truck. I do this from losing things that have blown off the trailer or having to pull-over in the same situation to tend to an item not secured. It can be scary standing 2 feet from cars going 70-80 mph trying to secure an item. Beyond comprehension that people would not get over into the left lane either to give you room. If you have to pull over, please try to do so on a off-ramp (get completely off the main road) or at a spot where you can get over in a manner that gives you plenty of room between your vehicle and the road.


I definitely don’t text and drive. I do answer phone calls. My work depends on it and it is legal in my state as long as you only press one button to do so. If the car driver was texting they should be charged with manslaughter at a minimum.