PW Pool...Any experience?

As the title states, does anyone have any experience with actually PW a pool…specifically the pool itself, not the deck?

Are you emptying it out? Its dangerous to do that here in Florida because we have water underground and the pool can float/raise and crack either the deck or the pool itself, and guess who’s gotta pay for that. Some pools may have a pvc pipe going under the pool to drain out, you’ll have to find it and hook up a pump to pull the water out, you may have to fill it with water to prime it.

You’ll need a sump pump to empty it out all the way.
You can acid wash it with muriatic acid and it comes out fantastic. I don’t think you’ll need to pw it because a roof mix (or stronger) should do fine.

If the pool is green and they want to empty it to clean it, that’s a waste of time and money, just add pure chlorine, probably 10 gallons first, but leave that to a pool guy who can balance the water and clean the filter. DON’T add stabilizer.