PW Novice Questions

Hi guys,

About to move into a new house and I’m wanting to give it a good clean with a new pressure washer. Having never done it before, I have a few questions that I’m sure are just common sense yet I’m still unsure about them.

  1. In terms of attaching the PW, does it go
    Tap > normal garden hose > hose on PW or
    Tap > hose on PW.
    Just wondering because we have a long driveway on new house and hose on PW might not be long enough itself.

  2. Is there anything you need for a PW that doesn’t come with it? I see there’s loads of extra accessories but are they just extras, or is there something else that all PWs need?

  3. What would I need to attach PW to a water butt?

Thanks guys

What are you like with hearing the truth?

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Package the pressure washer back up into its original box and return to where you bought it from. Put that money towards hiring a professional that knows what there doing. That way you don’t have a mess on the driveway and a pressure washer sitting in the corner gathering dust. It’s a win win situation.



Also, helpful :+1:

If you don’t like the answer, read up. A lot of information here and the internet in general.
You could look at the top threads in Newbie Threads and work your way down, looking in other categories. That way you’ll start to learn about things you didn’t realise you needed to learn about. You could also watch some Youtube videos, there’s a ton of useful videos and content creators out there. :+1:t2:
Or, don’t like Muscles response and just give up.

Best of luck

I did read up but couldn’t find the answers to the questions I’ve asked. No matter, I’ll just keep looking.

You don’t need high pressure hose to run from the spigot to your machine. Just use a regular garden hose. It should tell you that in the user manual. The high pressure hose is for after the pump where the water is high pressure.

High pressure shouldn’t be used on houses so learn how to use the chemical injector to suck up bleach and soap. As far as accessories to buy it just really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Read through your user manual.

@idontknow92 Just call a professional in fact if you tell us where you live I would bet you someone on this forum can help you


To add to @Firefighter4hire go out and watch the pro work. You’ll probably learn enough to attempt it next year and not screw anything up.