Puuuuuuuke. Just kill me now. Please

So I’m on 600km 6 day round trip away from home to wash 40 houses in rural areas owned by the government. Teacher houses.

Sunday, day before I leave, I start a new medication. I am the lucky 1 person in 100 who won the “extreme” side effects prize of vomiting, nausea, insomnia, headaches and stomach cramps.

I’m washing and gutter cleaning 5 houses each day to maintain the schedule including regular vomit breaks. My ladder carrying is so wobbly I have banged the roof of the van a dozen times.

I definantly hate life right now. 3 days into the job, 3 to go… but apparently the side effects will last 7 days.


Stay hydrated. Slam your finger in the door every morning and it will take your mind off the upchucking

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How much you getting each House??

Not as much as usual because the price for these houses is set by a NSP I subcontract to.

Still worthwhile because I do 5-10 houses in each town with little driving between houses There are another 40 in a single town closer to home next month.

Can’t post pricing for this job sorry :neutral_face:

Man…Sorry to hear you have to deal with that!! I hope it “only” lasts the week and you get feeling better fast. I would be down for the count. I’m a total pansy when it comes to vom!

Please be extra careful on those ladders!

Any chance you could hire a temporary helper from an employment agency or something?

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That’s rough, man. I second the stay hydrated comment. Hang in there! If you can deal with the next few hellish days then any other work after this will seem like a breeze.

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Perked up a bit today and knocked out 7 houses in two towns with an hours drive at lunch time.

Happy to get to a motel and have a lie down tho!

What’s everyone else up to today?

I left the house at 1am yesterday, drove 250 miles and washed all day with a crew that was behind schedule, drove back and now I’m heading to the shop to install airbags on a truck. But no puking. Yet.


Glad you’re feeling a bit better…stay safe!