Putting a little something together

Hay gang,
Been reading up on pro-portioner. Haven’t even done my first job yet except my own drive way.
However, after reading, I thought I may have the spare parts laying around to put something together.
Here is a few pics. What do you guys think? Will it work? Not sure if I should go with the quarter turn ball valve or the needle valves. Thoughts/ideas? (waiting on the “X” fitting)

Your planning on running SH through them ? Even stainless won’t last long with SH . Just longer then steel . PVC /POLY/ KYNAR /TEFLON . Would all last longer and be much cheaper


Yep! Stainless will last a few months with straight SH. Been there and tried it!

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I just had the parts laying around and decided to throw it together.
From the discussions I’ve read, a proportioning valve setup saves time and chemical so was just messing around.