Purchasing equipment

I am about to spend around 7k in pressure washing equipment. Where is the best place/site to get a reasonable price? Also are there any discount programs through Pwra? The local store i am using is not offering any discounts. Smh…

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I do not believe there are any discount benefits for discounts on Pressure Washers specifically. Which is kind of sad because that is the largest investment we make in the business.

There are several dealers on here that do offer discounts on other items that we do us.

Contact Russ @ Southside Equipment
Southside Equipment, Inc.

If you do not see something on the web site ask, he has access to alot of stuff not on his web site.

I believe if you are a PWRA member you get at least 5% off of equipment from Power Washers, Supplies, Chemicals, Repair, and Training [url=http://www.ptstate.com]PTState and I believe Russ Johnson as well. Could be wrong on this but all 3 are excellent vendors.

Don’t be shy about bargaining on that large of a purchase either! They all have wiggle room and somebody will want the business more than others. Decide exactly what you want and then see who offers it. Narrow it down to 3 companies that have the best after sale support and then see who needs the business more. Works for me anyway

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But also keep in mind, if you have a problem, can you service it yourself. Is there someone local that can service it. How long can you afford to have a piece of equipment down?

Do you have a backup plan to keep your business running when something goes wrong.

Before the Sale Service does not always equal the kind of service you will get after the sale.

I have not purchased anything from any of the guys on here. I did get a few quotes and I have seen some of the service that some of the guys have received and would have no problem recommending any of the vendors that are part of the Association Benefits Program.

Im all about relationships and taking care of friends but if your like most starting out you need to save every extra penny for marketing because having the best equipment on the planet doesn’t put food on the table. Im not going to say the company I use mostly is the best in the industry because southside, pressuretek, powerwash, powerwashstore are all top notch. I will say though that when it comes to price I haven’t found anyone that can beat Jason at KEC Supplies. We get some pretty awesome discounts with him through pwra… just call him up and talk to him. The 5.5 gpm 2500psi Honda GP belt drive machine for 1,399 on his site right how is a crazy good deal.

I definitely will bargain because that is too much to not get somesort of discount. Thanks for the tips guys. Alot of good info I need to think about. I checked out KEC but I think my local shop might be lower and I need to establish a relationship as well.