Pumptec X-6M950 advice?

Ok guys, need some input. I am rolling into my second full time year. Current setup I am running is a 5.5gpm belt driven unit, 55 gallon buffer, 55 gallon batch tank and sureflow 7gpm pump that pulls from the batch tank for roofs and hot applications. No proportioner. I am weighing options to replace the sureflow with something stronger. I really like the specs and performance of the Pumptex x-6/m950. Does anyone here have any first had experience with this pump? I don’t have the water capacity to go with a p40/gas setup or generator to handle a booster set up. This is how the trailer sits right now. I am very pleased with how efficient this setup has been and I have tweaked it to work very well with how I operate.

Massively overpriced for the specs in my opinion. You would need a really good reason to justify a $1500 12v pump.

Yeah, I am trying to figure out if it is worth it. If you watch videos on it’s performance it destroys my 7gpm setups now. I have run 4 sureflos
to failure this past year, one more and I am approaching the cost of one of these plus they have warranty and are serviceable. I am limited on space for my roof setup so it is the best fit, just puts a nice dent in the wallet.

I’d go with an AR gas pump setup.

I don’t have the water capacity. I do a lot of rural washing, wells and slow water so I have to be cognizant of that. I thought about looking at the lower gpm ar setups, if anyone has input on that I would like to hear. I just can’t sustain 10 plus gpm.

Price up the cost of a rebuild, there must be some wizardry in there at the price there selling.

Thats what I was thinking. $350 for the motor, going to call see what a head costs tomorrow and see what the warranty entails.

I was mistaken on the model, it is the x5 series I am looking at with stainless valves.