Pumping SH to Maximum Heights

What is the BEST possible engine/compressor/air diaphragm pump combo to get an SH (chlorine) mix solution to 6 stories (60’) high? By this I mean, what equipment will actually push a harsh chemical like chlorine through a hose to that height? The most that I have found will only reach 30’-35’ (possibly 40’ on a good day).

30ft man lift


How do you pump the liquid to that height?

If you don’t mind me asking…Why do you want to “pump liquid to that height”?

To clean an asphalt shingle roof on a 4+ story building.

Are you a roofer?

Yes I am.

Using a manlift or scaffolding is the correct answer.

Even if you could shoot that far, there’s no substitute for being close so you can see what you’re doing and control the spray. The amount of over-spray over that distance could be a major issue anyway - for example: someone has an open window and your over-spray (that you might not even see from the ground) sprays the interior of a home/apartment/office and ruins the furniture or worse sprays some child in the eye, etc…

I would choose a manlift and spray up-close and in a controlled manner.

I think you are misunderstanding my question. I WILL be on the roof when I am spraying. The question is, what engine/pump will get my cleaning solution (chlorine) from my tank on the ground to my wand/spray nozzle when I am on the roof 60’ in the air? Everything that I have found will only reach 30’-35’ (40’ tops on a good day). I’m looking for a way to PUMP the liquid higher. I’m obviously not going to put hundreds of pounds of a tanks full of chemicals and pumps/hoses on a man lift.

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It really depends if you are planning on doing this more than once. You could use a pump sprayer… but that’ll take some time to get the job done. 12v pump is the way to go. I suggest looking up some videos of roof washing setups on youtube to get the idea.

He’s talking about walking the roof. Spraying someones child in the eye… come on. I get your point but if you spray in someones window that’s on you for not checking your surrounding… and telling the customer to close their windows.

Typically you’ll lose about 25 psi for every story you go up. I would think any 12v pump could overcome the height

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I plan on doing this routinely as part of our regular business. From what I have researched so far, which is A LOT (and why I am on this forum know) I have not found a 12V system that will push the chemicals that high. From what I was told today (by Sprayer Depot in Orlando, FL) is that the only thing they know of to reach that height is an air pump diaphragm system (which they don’t sell). The person from Sprayer Depot said that according to his chart, it would require 20 GPM and 500-600 PSI to get fluid that high. That’s why I’m here. I’m trying to find the best air pump diaphragm and air compressor to achieve this. What brands are the best? What HP is needed. What CFM is needed? What flow rate is needed? What diameter hose is needed? I feel like Elon Musk here trying to clean a roof in outer space or something! No one seems to have and logical answers or solutions.

If there is a 12V pump that would do it, I would love to know what brand and model.

I don’t know. If I don’t know the answer to something I buy stuff and tinker. I would start with a Fatboy

Tinkering could get expensive. I’m just trying to find the most cost effective way to achieve my goal in the shortest amount of time.

Set up 70 gallon flat bottom tanks on the roof.

They are light and easy to carry empty.

Grab yourself a battery, a 12v pump and mount it in a box.

Use a portable hose reel.

Get some guys to lug up 5 gallon SH containers.

Find a water supply on the top floor, make your mix, and spray.

Not sure about 12v, because like @Innocentbystander said, your losing PSI for every story you go up. So you would need a 12v that is putting out a little more PSI. I know nothing about air diaphragm, but maybe @florida_condo_cleani could shed some light. Pretty sure he uses air.

Rick got a new gas pump to mess around with and its a beast. Im sure it would pump that high just fine.it will set you back a few thousand.

Wouldn’t the tank just slide off the roof? I can’t imagine attempting that even once. If you plan on doing it regularly, investing in the air diaphragm pump as suggested is prob your best bet. I’m not the one to tell you that though. As @SurfaceMedic said, @florida_condo_cleani would definitely know the answer to this one.

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