Pump very hot

Hey, does anyones pump get super hot? Like to the point where if you touch it for longer than 1 second you’ll burn yourself.

I have a 4gpm 4400 psi cold water direct drive, was doing work on my own property today and noticed the pump was very very hot. Is that normal? If not, how can I fix this?

What’s your bypass/buffer situation look like? How long was it running without pulling the trigger? Probably 2 of the possibilities that I can think of.

When you’re not holding the trigger on a direct drive machine there is no new water passing through the pump. After about 45 seconds that little bit of water in the pump gets too hot to efficiently cool the pump. If you don’t let the water cycle through and the pump gets too hot, you risk damaging your pump. Its likely the damage has already been done if that’s the case but your pump shouldn’t be too hot to touch.

Don’t have either of those. Just starting out so got what I could afford, it was running continuously until I went to turn it off. Even the water that came out after unscrewing the garden hose was very hot because of the pump.

Hot water recirculating in your pump when your off the trigger most likely….

Could that cause damage to the pump?

Sure, burn it up. I’d take the recirculating line off at the bottom and let water run on the ground. You will then be at least introducing fresh cool water to the pump when off the trigger. Or get a buffer tank.

I’ve found my machine runs hot even though it goes back to a buffer tank

I have an 8 gpm & 5.5 gpm and neither pump gets hot….I didn’t think they were supposed to.

I gotta hand it to you guys for having time to feel your pump while on a job site.


When I got my new machine i checked on it every 30 minutes. Even the slightest noise change and I was sprinting over to my trailer. Took me a couple of days to quit worrying about it but I still treat it like my first born. Sometimes I read it bedtime stories

I’m hoping you read the manual and are not off the trigger for long periods of time. I know my AAA pump manual states no longer than two minutes, but I don’t like going more than 20-30 seconds.

Lolll. I’m the same way right now since I’m brand new to pressure washing. I try researching on every new noise/smell to make sure nothing is wrong.

I’ve got a bypass into my tank now. I didn’t care much about my old 3.5gpm machine and i grenaded that pump getting it too hot

How else am I meant to look busy :joy: