Pump questions

How do u know if your packing inside the pump is starting to go bad???

Just replaced mine just now and wow what a difference in pressure !! For me it was easy i made a few phone calls to a few shops and they said my low pressure seals went out I had pressure for like 3 seconds and it would bleed off…also I had water in my gearbox …hope this helps

I have a cat pump they say there expensive to work on so why not replace it

My seal kit was 50.oo plus shipping…alot cheaper than a new pump…if that’s what is wrong with yours …good luck

Idk if it’s the paking or what???

I’m assuming your have a triplex plunger pump. And by" packing" I’m also assuming your referring to the internals of the pump.

This is a loaded question because so much can go wrong its hard to give you a really good answer.

Cat website for troubleshooting

Thanks carl