Pump question

MY washer has a General TS2021 i was told it was a 4.5gpm…
I have seen some units advertise TS2021 it has a 5.7gpm.

Does the size of the PUMP tell you what the gpm is,
how can one advertise TS2021 with 5.7 and another with 4.5


Here is a TSF2021 shows 7gpm
What makes the diff higher is the question this does have the F

Here is one advertize 4,5/5.6 ??

AND There is also a TS1021 which says 4.5/5.6
So what the HALE is it??

Now Dr. Innocentbystander I KNOW you have a solution on this matter

I don’t use general pumps so can’t answer

I don’t know the logic behind how General names their pumps, but I do know this:

The TS2021 (now renamed to HP5535) has two different options for GPM, depending on what RPM you run it at; either 4.5 or 5.6, at either 1125 or 1450 rpm, respectively. Of course, all pressure pumps will change output depending on how fast you run them.

But for some reason, General decided to rate their pump for the two different speeds/outputs. Maybe so they could appeal to the market of buyers who see PSI as more important than GPM. You can achieve a higher PSI with less horsepower if you gear your pulleys to run the pump slower.

The HP5535 is used on a ton of machines, including the 5.6 @ 2500 pressure pro that I own.

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