Pump oil help

Hey guys
I’ve only used my pressure washer for no more than 10hrs and i noticed the oil color. Also, when i run my pressure washer, i noticed that the oil level in my pump goes completely down when running and when i turn it off, it levels out. All of my equipment is new. I’m new to the industry and just trying to understand how things work. I changed the oil and ran it for a few minutes and it looks like the oil color changed again. I was expecting the oil to be fresh looking after running it a few minutes but it doesn’t. The oil on the paper is when i did the first change. Again, it looks like this after only using it for less than 10hrs.


Change it after initial 50 hours and then every 2 or 3 thousand hours. It doesn’t matter if it changes color unless it turns and stays white. That indicates water and the volume will rise. It’s just an oil bath. When the pump is running the sight glass won’t show much because the oil is moving.


Thanks. I wasn’t sure how these things work. I thought it would be like car oil. I was expecting it to stay clean looking until it was close to being changed

Also worth mentioning, that ‘spare’ dipstick that came with the pump is meant to be swapped out right away. The one that came installed is for shipping so oil doesn’t leak all over the FedEx truck, the other one is vented & designed to be used on the job.

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Where can i purchase one? Can you post a link

Check your packaging. That’s all I got.

What pump and model number?

Well I’m just going to guess it’s a RW series Comet pump??? Part number is 3200 0051


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Thanks. Yep, i have the RW series