Pump Oil Change

Hi all. Please bear with me on this one! I have a 2500psi washer, 7 years old. Works like a charm. Only used about 20 hrs / year. Changed the engine oil this year and began washing my driveway ( about 2 hr job ). Ran through a tank of gas,after about an hour, refilled and continued ( after a coffee break!) About an hour later, with 10 mins work left, I had to refill with gas again. Started up and as soon as I pulled the trigger on the lance, the washer stopped dead. I tried twice more with the same result. Fearing the pump was seized, I dropped the bottom off - everything seemed fine, so I replaced it and checked the oil ( I’ll come back to this in a moment ). Restarted the machine, but took off the high pressure nozzle off. No problems pumping through low pressure water. So I put on the nozzle and we were back in action. Continued until the job was done ( 10 mins or so ) no problems.
So now back to the oil! The pump is underneath the engine ( Briggs & Stratton ) mounted on 3 ‘legs’. There appears to be only one drain / fill hole, so when I checked the level, I removed the plug and put the unit back down level. Some oil ran out, which at least meant it wasn’t dry. However, it is a slate grey color, and seemed quite viscous. I think I should change the oil completely ( as this doesn’t look like any oil I’ve ever seen ) but I can’t seem to find “Pump” oil. I have read several different suggestions that oils such as hydraulic oil can be used / should not be used and various opinions on different brands. My choice here is limited to say the least, and as stated above, I can’t seem to find “Pump” oil of any sort, so i don’t know if it is known by a different name?
I love my little washer and it does what I need it to do, when I need it, so I don’t want to put the wrong oil in and destroy it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

PS. FYI, the machine is a Power Play Hotrod 2500 ( not a name many will be familiar with, I’m sure ).

Non detergent 30 weight


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I third non-detergent 30 weight oil. ND-30 won’t froth/bubble. Any auto parts store should have some on the shelf, but so should most small-engine repair shops.

Best oil for Honda gx390 on a belt drive 4 gpm In FL first change coming up in 6 hrs lol. Is gp series 100 pump oils supposed to be red in color ? Running a ts1511

Use Honda oil in engine.