Pump Oil change question

I mean if your crankcase and rods are made of foam then yeah I guess that could be true


If the surface has some porosity like cast iron it could wet out but it’s definitely not absorbing any oil lol


I don’t think IBS claims not changing the oil is better in any way, just he’s let it go and had no issues…so justified laziness more accurately. I’d never recommend never changing the oil either, but I certainly not doing it every 2 weeks on every machine… :hourglass:

I went 40 hours on 5w30 syn. The oil filters were a different story. Every 5 oil drain and fills I without replace. Pump oil was recycled every year. It self cleans sitting on a shelf at around the 6-8 month mark

Like this? Took a full 32oz bottle and i was below the dot so i added more. I think the rig was pretty level. Hope I didn’t overfill. Drainline they put on is too dang short to drain without making a mess.

Just like that. That’s perfect.

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It will drain faster if you turn the pulley a couple of times

No pully on my unit, all electric.

You have a Honda engine. How is it all electric? There is a cat in Spain that wants something like that

Its the gx800i fuel injected engine. No pull cord that I can find. Supposedly more fuel efficient but burns about a gallon an hour under load. Adjusts power based on demand. Its how I get 4000psi at 8gpm.

I have the same engine. However mine is not electric. I have to burn fossil fuel to make mine run. Turning the pulley moves the pistons. I guess since yours is all electric it is not belt driven and doesn’t have pulleys/sheaves. just plug the extension cord in and out real fast to move things around a little.


Oh no I meant electronic fuel injection; still runs on dinosaur gas. More computer components to worry about I guess.

He means the pulley on the pump where the belt loops around it to spin the pump. If you spin that pulley it will push oil out of the drain hole. I’d recommend just getting a cheapo fluid transfer pump from Harbor Freight or wherever. They’re like $5 and you can pump it all out in no time.

Lol. I was enjoying myself

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I know you were lol

Oh no! I have 15w40 rotella! And its over the red dot! Oh please, oh please help me! This pump might not make it another 1500 hrs!

I forgot the pic

Way above the red dot.
That oil is nearing change intervals and has no obvious contamination

Send it!

You’re proud that you’re running too much of the wrong oil? Look, you can do whatever you please. No one here is going to stop you. That doesn’t mean you should encourage others to do things that may jeopardize their ability to earn a living.

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It’s an oil bath. There isn’t any contamination regardless of what oil you use. But, your detergent oil is not made for what you are using it for. Fortunately for you you change it so often it will probably be ok. You really need to stop with the bad advice though so as not to screw with the new guys.