Pump leaking water?

Good evening to all you washers out there! (Evening in my EST time zone anyway…)

One of my pumps, a general ts2021, is leaking water from the cylinder caps of the pump. The unloader appears to be working correctly but the caps still spray water even if I turn the unloader all the way down. I was told by a local pressure washer maintenance shop (after describing the issue over the phone) to put some thread tape on the threads of the cylinder cap, but this seemed odd to me so I wanted to get 2nd and further opinions.


The image isn’t high res, but there are rubber seals that look like they are being squished out of the cap and water is spraying from there. The unloader is working. The water stops spraying out once the machine has built pressure, but this never happens when the trigger is being pulled, so as a result the water just sprays out of the caps continuously while squeezing the trigger.

Thanks for any advice.

The advice you received to thread tape them is absurd. Those are straight cut threads ie NO taper, the threads are parallel. They are o-ring sealed. You could threadlock them if you absolutely had to but just re-ring them. Why on earth does he not have a ring kit for them??

they appear loose, all 3, but could be just an illlusion. tighten them.

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In his defense, I described them as “leaking bolts on the pump head,” so I didn’t use proper terminology.

I noticed the top caps and the caps on my other ts2021 pump are tightened to the point that no rubber seal or gap at all between the cap and the pump head is even visible. So that could be the problem for sure.

Must be an illusion, the very hand of God came down and wrenched them down at the factory. Maybe he already “broke” them loose

Are you sure its leaking at the caps? could be from the bottom of the plungers

It sprays directly from the caps.

The caps need new o-rings

Listen to the man. Also, if they worked themselves loose you need to reevaluate how you have your machine mounted. Maybe thicker/larger rubber isolators to help dampen the vibration.

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Got the issue fixed. The o-rings were bad.

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