Pump leaking Oil

So on my last job I noticed there was a lot of oil building up around my quick connects on my high pressure hose coming out of the pump. The motor is a Honda GX 390 and the pump is a belt driven North Star pump. I’ve looked around but haven’t seen much info so if anybody has advice I would appreciate it. I assumed maybe a seal or something along those lines. Thanks!

Is this something where I would just need to get another pump? If so I was thinking a Udor 5.5 gpm pump, was thinking about this one:https://www.dultmeier.com/products/0.851.886.2050.2708/4365
Not sure about the different series of pumps though so it may be not what I need.

Can you post pictures of the leak? How’s the pump oil level look? I would drain it and see what it looks like. If it’s milky that means there’s water in it. If I had to guess I bet the oil is running down from the breather holes. If your quick connect was leaking it would be dripping or spraying water not oil.

Yeah I can get one tomorrow, but I’m probably going to end up just pulling it apart tomorrow. The oil level is above the mark by a bit. And it’s not that the quick connects are leaking, I just meant oil is building up on them. So oil is going into the pressure hose from the outlet on the pump.

Maybe I’m just not understanding but if oil is mixing with water from inside the pump how is that oil then getting to the outside without water leaking too? If there’s oil leaking around the pump and running down the hose clean all of the oil off, run it, and keep an on where it’s leaking from. If the oil level is just a little high I doubt it’s mixing with water. If water was mixing with oil the oil level would look and be full. I bet it’s just running down from the vent. When the pressure washer is vibrating it can cause a little oil to come out the vent holes of the cap. As long as the oil level is around the middle of the sight glass and, it’s running okay, I’d just run and keep an eye on it to see where the oil is coming from. If it was filled over halfway on the sight glass oil is just more likely to come out the vent holes because the level is higher than it should be. A little over halfway isn’t going to hurt anything though. When it comes to any leak the easiest way to find it is by cleaning all of the old off so it’s not all over the place and then watching it so you can find the leak before there’s oil all over the place again. They also have dyes that you can add to the oil to make it easier to see.