Pump leaking, need mechanical advice

I’m far from mechanically inclined. I can change oil, and a few other things but it’s very limited. Any idea why my pump is leaking. It looks like some of the three bolt heads are loose. Can I just tighten them up and keep running the machine? Or is there an underlying problem that should be addressed? I can put it in the shop if I need to but I’d rather fix it if at all possible. Looking for some advice. Thanks in advance

I tried tightening them. Still leaks

Please delete this thread. I talked to the dealer. Thanks

What was the conclusion?

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Delete? this could be a learning experience for people like me who am still on my first pump. Let us know what happened/ how to fix/prevent and what they say. thanks

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vibration & pressure causes caps to loosen needs new o rings for sure & possibly new valves IME

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This. I called the dealer / repair shop and they said I can finish the job as long as it’s not spraying out. If it stays at a drip it’s ok. But to bring it in. They will replace the o rings and check out everything else. He said it may have not been tightened correctly from the factory or could loosen due to vibration. They will replace o rings and gaskets to factory recommend torque. Should take all of 10 minutes if nothing else is wrong. I’ll update when I know more.


Glad you didn’t delete this thread. It seems like the only thread on the topic. My pump is spraying out of one of those bolt heads too now. Not dripping. Seems major. I have a vibration problem that I think is the culprit here. Repair shops are booked solid. Is this somthing I could fix myself or should I get in the back of the long repair line?

Maybe bad check valve or orings bad?

Are those DIY type of repairs?

Yep, on the top loosen bolt valves down in there. They have rings on them that can go bad.

Perfect, Thanks. Ill see what I can do.