Pump in a box question

so if i buy one of the pump in a box kits from pressuretek, and a 55 gal drum, some extra garden hoses, and stuff for the runoff, what else would i need just to get started? im not sure as to what the demand will be in my area for this service, so i want to start out cheap and if there is a decent demand, ill upgrade. pollen season starts soon, so i have some time to learn as much as i can before actually beginning to practice.
also have another question. i have seen posts about soft washing brick/vinyl/stucco houses instead of pressure washing due to minimizing potential damage to the brick/vinyl/stucco. i have read the diff stances on pressure doing the cleaning vs chemical, but which is actually less likely to do damage while still being efficient?

If you mean one of the pump kits, then yes with what and the additional things you mention you’re good to go for roofs.

As far as soft washing goes don’t get confused by the technicality some seem to argue exists, that only dedicated low pressure pumps are able to soft wash. Soft washing is application of soaps and rinsing with low pressure, period. You can soft wash with a pressure washer you just need the right tips to lower the pressure.

Use of pressure actually has pretty limited possibilities and should only be used on impervious surfaces like concrete, pavers etc. All of the surfaces mentioned above are better cleaned with low pressure, even the brick, water under pressure directly blasted at brick can force in moisture causing efflorescence.

Bob at PT will be able to set you up with all the tips you need for your set-up

I would also invest in a hose reel because you will have on heck of a time trying to role up that 200 ft hose without one.

Make it a stainless steel hose reel

Spot on John. Soft Washing has to do with impact pressure not the pressure at the pump or the tip. IMHO

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+1000 couldn’t agree more!

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Very informative thread for new guys. Love it.

Pump in the box is great have been using it for years. Just got the bandit setup from pressure ten, I cant wait to use it

The Bandit is a great SoftWash pump. Powerwash.com has some new soft washing systems too, which look really impressive.

thanks guys. im going to make a decision in the next week or two and then buy…

Just about every professional uses a soft washing method for cleaning houses but they still use a pressure washer. If all you have is a pump in a box wha5 are you going to do when you run across things that need a tad more pressure to remove such as dirt dobbers and wasp nest and countless other things. Trying to find the cheapest way possible to start a business is not the best way to get started imho. You also wont be able to do concrete like all your competitors will.

+1 especially depending on the type of house ‘crud’ you get in your area having the option of using more pressure (properly) can be a real lifesaver

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It should be noted that if you’re using nozzles other then your regular set of SoftWashing tips then you’re not really SoftWashing anymore… your pressure washing. There’s no set pressure guidelines set in stone anywhere - but I like to say that if you can’t spray your hand with the pressure, then it’s not Soft Washing.

Your mix should be doing the cleaning work, try not to get in a habit of bumping up the pressure to remove a stain. It would be better to use a brush then to use pressure.

It’s not whats coming out of the end of the nozzle that people wash with. I don’t think this guy cares as much about soft washing as he does just getting a cheap set up.