Pump cavitation

Been using my brand new hydrotek scx30008 for about 32 hours now and today noticed it started feeling like the buffer tank was barely just running out of water. Very subtle but could tell the spray wasn’t smooth like usual. The buffer tank was half full (100 of 200 gallons in it) so I checked the banjo y trap. It was clean but I did see one little leaf on the 1” inlet hose just before the y trap. It feels like it’s sucking just a little bit of air but the water lines seem full. Could a small leaf in the line cause this? Wondering why it didn’t pass thru into to the y trap? Any other reason that could cause what I am experiencing? Thanks in advance

Are u running a chem injector?

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Does your return line cause bubbles in your tank?

You will only know if you have pump cavitation by taking off the manifold and pulling all of the seals. Until then you’re just guessing. An easier and more common issue is check valves getting stuck.

If you have been using it for 32 hours have you tightened all the clamps? Checked to make sure all the fittings are tight on your guns? Does it do it when you are DS or flowing clean water?

Yes I’m using an injector but have a bypass. Haven’t looked to see if there are bubbles in the tank from bypass line but will do that great idea!

Interestingly I noticed at the very end of the day yesterday (about 1-2 hours after I noticed the problem that water started leaking from the quick connect between the ball valve and gun. Needs a new O ring. Maybe that’s it?

Gotta remember every monday check all your hose clamps and fittings. It doesn’t take long to do and will save you a big headache down the road

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