Pump Brand Differences?

Can we open a discussion of pump brand features or advantages? I am getting ready to invest in an expensive machine and I have seen talk of " general brand" pumps, CAT pumps, Udor pumps, etc.
It seems to me most have ceramic plungers, with three pistons ( triplex?)
What is the key differences that make one better than the other. Seems to me high pressure o rings and cylinder walls etc, would not so much vary, where is the defining factor that makes the ultimate pump?

I may be incorrect here, but I’m fairly certain all or at least most pressure washing pumps are triplex plunger pumps. Probably has to do with the high pressures required. I don’t believe centrifugal pumps can put out 3500 PSI or anything close to that.

Connecting rods and U Packings make the biggest difference in Udor being superior to any other pressure washing pump.