Pulsing pump

Even with discharge side hose open with nothing to restrict flow my everflow 7gpm pump is pulsing. Got 3/4 line drawing from batch tank, also have an accumulator 8" past pump before the reel. Still pulses with or without the accumulator. Tested on different batter same deal :man_shrugging:t3:
Any help
My d7150 never did this

Might have an airleak on your intake line.

Your pressure switch has likely failed

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Pressure switch is usually the culprit

You can try to adjust while your new ones in the mail. Small Allen head and turn left or right while it’s running to adjust

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Thanks, so my D7159 worked awesome for about 5 months then now it won’t shut off. “Pressure switch” opened to clean and check it and it’s spotless. I rinse heavily every use. So I bought the everflow and it started pulsing right off the batt. It will run normal dry but once primed it Pulses. Checked lines in and out no leaks, not a drop. Have a delevan 7gpm 100psi on the way also.

make a video, what do you mean pulsing?

And all I had to do was adjust the pressure switch in some then it worked fine :+1:t2:


I’d go ahead and buy a spare pressure switch. I can only imagine how many 12v get thrown in the dumpster over a $20 part

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Relays too. Super cheap. Might as well have a couple wired up and ready for when one inevitability corrodes.

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