Pulling power from a trailer connector

For my truck bed setup I’d like to try and pull power from either my 7-pin or 4-pin trailer connectors on my rear bumper. I’ve looked up a couple YouTube videos of doing such and it seems fairly simple, but just wanted to know if y’all had any pros/cons / experience / feedback in doing this before?
The goal is to be able to recharge the lawn tractor battery I keep in the bed of the truck. My washer is not electric start, but I do use the battery to power two pod lights, a small strobe light, and for my 12v pump. The 12v pump is typically only used for about 5 minutes at a time maybe 2-3 times a week.

Following this one. I’ve seen some guys do it for other projects and always thought it would be cool for a skid. I’d probably put a fifth wheel plug inside the bed just because it would look a lot cleaner.

your 4 pin plug won’t have a constant 12v, you’ll have to use the 7 pin. Or you could figure out which wire is the constant 12v and splice into it behind the plug, under the truck for a even cleaner look. It won’t be a huge gauge wire, maybe 12 or 14 but it should be enough.

If that’s all you use the battery for, why not just get a cheap solar panel?


This. I’ve seen a couple videos where they got one from Harbor Freight.

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Got one, and it works, but I wanted to have something that I felt might be a little more streamlined looking. It’s also a little tight in the bed of my truck and I’m thinking that one wire grouping would be less “in the way” than the panel I currently have.

If I could figure out some kinda way to get my left blinker to pull power from a trailer connector, I’d be willing to offer some input on this thread, but I got nothing.