Pulley removal

I’ll just start a new thread.

What am I doing wrong that this thing won’t come off?

Do you have an impact?

Two days in a row worth of post regarding pulleys not coming off the engine shafts. Ya’ll are making me think about keeping my direct drive! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Just kidding, but in all seriousness, sometimes there is nothing better than some carefully placed heat and a big persuasion tool. This however usually leads to the installation of a brand new pulley.

Go with a gear drive instead. No belts to mess with and a smaller footprint.

It’s not too often you have to pull the pulleys off though. Mainly when you’re installing a new pump. I think he’s going from a 5.5 gpm to an 8 gpm.

Agreed. I even mentioned it in the other post. With that big hunk of steel i’ll definitely take oxy/acetylene and not a plumbers torch for sweating pipes. I bet an air impact would get it off with the puller and especially with a little heat.

put your balls to good use and wind it as hard as you can, its mechanically locked on there it will need a man.


Got it off the machine at least. Now the drive pulley isn’t budging.

I do have a 500lb/ft impact, didn’t move. Fresh out of oxy torches at the moment.

Make a couple wood wedges out of 2x4’s. Put one behind the pulley at 3:00 and the other at 9:00. Get on the impact and then tap the wedges every 10 seconds. Maybe lean it over and let the Kroil seep in all night and try it in the morning.

I’m taking it back to the shop tomorrow, tired of dealing with it. I couldn’t even get the engine pulley off.

That gear drive is starting to look really appealing all the sudden.


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That be best for you.

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I tell ya bud, you will be going through this every time you change pump or motor lol. I’ve had 1 belt drive, never again. I could have a new geardrive taken off and new one installed in 20 minutes with a coffee in between and the dog taken for a walk, 4 fricken bolts and the whole thing slides off, you couldn’t engineer it any easier if you tried.

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When you buy a new gear drive do they come with anti-seize on the shaft? I’ve seen horror stories on FB where guys can’t get the gear box off the engine. I’m guessing the shaft wasn’t greased when it was assembled.

They sometimes do and sometimes don’t, when they do come in the kit it’s a little sachet of generic lubricant witch I throw in the trash and use a copper anti seize grease. I use it on everything from wheel studs to exhaust flanges. It’s great stuff.

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2 words , Belt drive. lol

What kind of battery do you use for your power washer? I was using a my 12v marine battery in my truck bed for my softwash system but I moved that machine into my trailer and need to get a battery. Another marine battery seems like a waste.

A regular old small engine battery like what you would put in a lawnmower. No need to get fancy if you don’t want to.

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I didn’t think a lawn mower battery had enough cranking amps. I thought I read that somewhere. A mower battery would be easier

You shouldn’t have any problem getting a mower battery with enough cranking power to fire off a power washer. I think The Innocent One buys his mower batteries from AutoZone. They’re cheap and plentiful.

I think a GX690 only needs like 400cca’s. If that helps.

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@DisplacedTexan is correct.

Manual here Honda GX