PSI on Pavers? Sell me a Surface Cleaner

What psi is safe for brick pavers, including the ones with the splash coat of color?

Ive got a 4x4 on the way, What surface cleaner do you recommend?

I was sold on the 20" WOJET on amazon but have now read on here that 16" is actually better for a 4x4?

I saw that eagle 16" but it doesn’t have casters… I need production and fatigue free as possible am I right to be looking for a 16" with casters that seems to be a magical unicorn that doesn’t exist?

Composite if possible

Appreciate Y’all!

16” would be good for 4gpm and I prefer no casters because I found I can get into tighter places and they end up getting in the way. And when doing sidewalks I found the kept falling off the side of the sidewalk.

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Ok, all I can comment on is the caster thing. A 16” without casters will ‘float’ like a hovercraft, and in my limited experience will be lighter and easier to use, especially if you are doing sidewalks where it meets grass, etc.

If you’re doing large driveways and parking garages, then yeah…casters come in handy.

BTW It’s ‘4/4’, not 4x4. That makes us think you are getting a 4wd truck.

The Ultra Clean is a good model and $200 less than the Eagle, but same company.


Funny you mention that, I have secretly been hoping to clutch on this new venture so i can get a new 4x4 truck :cowboy_hat_face:
I also do tile and carpet so tile in house the tools tend to get stuck on some tiles and its like bench pressing for 2 hours straight, So i like thinking of the fact there will be so much pressure it will hover, sounds a heck of a lot easier

got a link to get that for 200 less, i can only see the eagle for 479 and ultra for 449?

I’m just going on my local PW shop, their Eagle is over $600, the Ultra $450. I haven’t priced online lately.

Surface cleaners have interchangeable nozzles, you can customize pressure and fan degree by changing them out. I had a 4/4 and the included nozzles made it want to fly off like a bottle rocket, so the guys on here suggested another size to keep things manageable.

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OK so im torn between the Eagle or the Ultra now and I dont want a $100 less paperwieght the cheap ones just aren’t worth it for another 100 you can get the cream of the crops.

Any reason to get either they are only 20$ apart?

Someone out here in neverland has got to know point of damage for pavers, anyone?

Im thinking of going 2.5gpm x 2 = 5gpm = 2500 psi is that still to high or can 2500 still damage stuff?

Should I go down to 1750 psi to be safe?

If you are going to be using a 4 gpm machine why are you figuring 5 gpm? Where are you getting the 2.5gpm x 2 = 5gpm = 2500 psi from?

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Maybe he meant 5x4


To answer your question, 2500psi is fine for pavers. Get your equipment and then look at nozzle chart for surface cleaner or come back and we’ll figure it for you.

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The Surface tool with 2 jets with 2.5 flow a piece will give me 5gpm Nozzle size or flow coming from a 4gpm pump will yield 2560psi

So I would need 2x25025 jets to get 2560 psi is this wrong?

The 5.0 doesn’t mean 5 gpm. That’s just the orifice size. Each nozzle will be putting out 2 gpm because your pump can only put out 4 gpm. You’re correct about the pressure.

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wouldn’t that be awesome if just increasing orafice would yield more flow lmao, I didn’t word that right up there. Screw it im gonna go 25040 for 8gpm :crazy_face:

Thanks guys im getting super excited!