Psi not making sense

Ok, here’s the scenario. 1 pressure pro 8gpm 3500 psi Honda 690 surface cleaners running four 2502.5 tips puts out 2200 psi. Landa 7.8gpm 3000 psi Honda 660 same tips same surface cleaner is putting out 2800 psi and noticeably more volume. Any ideas why? Could it be ratios with the pulleys?

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The Landa’s actual flow rate is 8.37 gpm, according to this calculator:

The pressure pro is only putting out 7.42 gpm.

Check your rpm’s on both machines

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@Kps0410 Did you find out what’s doing it?

Best I can tell it’s the difference in the landa pump and the unloader.


Yes, but I think so can be many other factors like: as @Infinity said RPM, different Unloader type and/or Unloader settings, you didn’t mention you used same hose length, water source and setup like connections, 90 degree elbows, if they are different etc, if so I would start with the gun, the unloader setting nozzles, as per both pumps specifications and do a bucket test to check flow and psi both at the same time, and then start from there and go back to checking pulley ratios, rpm, and what not, heck could even be belt slip, I don’t know man, just trying to help.

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Check the RPM, on the pump pulleys.

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I can’t check the pressure pro it’s no longer with me. I traded for the landa and today is the first time using it and it was a noticable difference

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How did you determine you were only getting 2200psi and the flow rate with the PP? Sounds like something was messed up.

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Same surface cleaner i ran 2200 psi with the pressure pro. I used it with the landa yesterday and put the same gauge I always use on it and im at 2800.

Where did you put your gauge? At end of hose right before SC? How many feet of hose you running?

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Yes, 200 ft. Of hose. everything identical except machines

Then something was wrong with your PP. May have just been unloader. With 200’ of hose I’m right at around 2800-2900 using same tips.

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Probably so. Another thing I noticed though, the landa heats the water hotter and quicker which for what I do is a huge plus

Cause you got about 75 ’ more sch 80 coil in that hot box. That’s why they weigh more than any other machine. Only one that comes close is an Alkota. You got the caddy man. Congrats @Kps0410 :+1:

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Thanks. I’ve had a couple of 5gpm landas and they were great. I’m enjoying it. I got a killer deal on it and a filtration system. now I have to replenish my savings lol

I didn’t realize that you just got a new Landa, figured you had it for some time. Congrats!

Ive had them in the past that’s why when this deal came along I took it

What deal came up @Kps0410 ? End of season sale ? or did you buy it used

He gave me a fair price on my trade and a fair price on the landa