PSI/GPM nozzle chart


I know I’ve seen PSI/GPM nozzle charts on this forum but saw this chart from pressure wash outlet and thought it was nice.


Thanks Jason!



Thanks I was looking for this


Does this chart apply to surface cleaners as well


Yes but you need to divide your gpm by the amount of nozzles you have to get the correct psi out of each one.


My ts2021 is 4.5 GPM with my 420cc chonda motor… I was told to use a 5.0 nozzle… That makes it 2500 psi… If I go with a 4.0 and up the psi will it harm my pump or unloader?


Why would you want to up the psi?


Just curious… I’m quite happy with what it does now … I have a GP 18" SC ith 2.5 nozzles seems to work well… I understand that volume is better I’m just curious and want to know… No harm in knowing and understanding capabilities